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Oneirognosis by Stephen Barnwell

The Art of Dreaming
By Stephen Barnwell

(2018) 5.2 x 8", paperback, 94 pages, 27 illustrations

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ISBN Number 978-0-9913216-2-9

"After 30 years of dream research,
this is the best book I've seen."

-- Paul Sheldon,

In this book, you will learn the art of Dream Seeding, where you ask your dreams questions and receive answers in return. But it delves deeper than that. Oneirognosis explores concepts of where dreams come from, and what the mechanics of dreaming are. How do dreams work? How are these experiences created? This book is a poetic and lyrical exploration of the mystery of dreaming, and its essentially spiritual nature. 

Oneirognosis is not your usual book about dreaming because the author is primarily a visual artist, seeing and understanding the world through the lens of symbols and icons. Dreams use the language of symbols to teach our conscious minds through the use of story and parable. The more you understand symbols and their uses, the better you can understand your dreams. This book is a meditation on the origins of dreams, the wellspring of creativity, and the interconnection between the mind, body, and soul. It will inspire you to see your dreams from an entirely new perspective.

"In dreams, we journey through a strange landscape whose only illumination is the light of the mind. The appearance of strangeness is therefore the result of our need to adapt our vision to the dream world by the understanding of personal symbolism and metaphor. We perceive dream events through the lens of our accreted life experience, encountering an unfamiliar world garbed in intimate allegory. Dreams connect us to our deep emotions and memories, creating unifying links between disparate regions of the soul."


"Life-giving rain comes from above, but it collects below. Our waking selves are like the trees of the forest, reaching upwards to the light. Yet just as trees send roots deep below the earth to gather water and nutrients, we also extend our being deep into the spirit world to gather nourishment from our dreams. We are creatures who dwell in two worlds at once; manifest in the material world through our bodies, yet rooted deeply in the firmament of Spirit. As we increase our knowledge of dreams, we strengthen our connection to the Creator."


"The persons, places, and things in your dreams are called Artifacts. As with archeological artifacts, dream artifacts are remnants, traces, and clues which help us discover and understand the deeper mysteries buried in our souls. The essence of dream-seeding is how you work with your Artifacts, symbols which point to greater meaning. You must accept them as real and true, understanding that your manipulation of them has consequences in the waking world. Rather than analyzing and dissecting your Artifacts, which is the application of the mind, you should embrace them, which is the employment of the heart. As you interact with your Artifacts over time, you will learn your inner vocabulary so that you may have a true dialogue with your dreams."










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