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EQUINOX, A Coloring Book
Bronze Medal Winner
2016 Living Now Book Awards

"It's everything I hope for in a coloring book and more."
-- The Coloring Addict

"This coloring book is spectacular!
It is everything that a great coloring book should be."
-- The Coloring Club

Capital Offenses named one of the Best Books of 2014

"Exceptionally beautiful currency"
Roberta Smith, The New York Times, July 15, 2005


"Barnwell succeeds in forcing viewers to consider
what the dollar says about the U.S...."

Lauren Weinberg, Time Out Chicago, January 8, 2009

"Barnwell doesn't see money art as about money, itself. Instead, he sees it as a way to appropriate power by stealing the language of power. He sees it as a language by which to criticize the social systems surrounding the icons."
Adelia Ganson, Review Magazine, March 17, 2010

"Barnwell's political graphics are truly stunning. They are
important additions to this unique archive."

Carol A. Wells, Executive Director
Center for the Study of Political Graphics, Los Angeles, CA

"Stephen Barnwell's work with money functions as social critique and utopian mocks the value it portrays."
Keith Miller, Curator, Moving Money


"Fed up with rising national debt, Stephen Barnwell decided to bail out America last week .... Part tongue in cheek and part sounding bells to alert lawmakers to what Barnwell believes is a perilous amount of debt, the dollars are part of a growing movement of using art for activism."
Ambreen Ali,, July 21, 2010