Antarctica Arts News

Antarctica Arts News

Barnwell's latest coloring book, Angelikon just won a Silver Medal in the 2018 Illuminations Book Awards.

Our newest release is MoneyArt, the only complete collection of the currency art of Stephen Barnwell. Spanning fifteen years, this book contains his famous Antarctica Dream-Dollars, several local currencies, and a complete collection of his political satire coupons. With over 200 images, MoneyArt is a feast for the eyes.

Antarctica has released its third coloring book, Angelikon. This is a coloring book filled with 36 images of the spiritual world, including 24 angels and 12 ikons. As with EQUINOX, every image is 100% hand drawn image, and is printed one-side-only for easy coloring and removal of pages. Every page is a meditation on the divine.

We are happy to announce that our first coloring book, EQUINOX has won a bronze medal in the 2016 Living Now Book Awards.

Antarctica Arts is proud that its first book, Capital Offenses, was named one of the Best Books of 2014 by Publisher's Weekly. Only five independently-published books received this prestigious commendation in 2014, and we are certainly very pleased to be so honored.

Follow the artist of Capital Offenses on facebook. See up-to-the-minute news on appearances, special sales, book signings and blog tours. Plus, on facebook is the only way you can see his Coupon drops. See him porform his street art on a daily basis. You can also follow him on twitter: @StephenBarnwell.
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