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Antarctica Arts Roster of Upcoming Books

John L. Barnwell
8.5 X 11", hardbound. 164 pages
Far Country is a diverse and thorough sampling of the romantic realism of John L. Barnwell, whose work spans a prolific half century of painting in a wide variety of styles, subjects, and themes. John L. Barnwell was born in 1922 in Los Angeles, California. He grew up during the Great Depression in Oceanside, CA. After the war, he moved to New York City and started to paint. He found his voice with surrealist and fantasy paintings, experimenting over the years with a variety of styles and techniques. Over five decades, Barnwell's work ranged from surrealism to traditional landscapes, and from fantasy to simple still lifes. But throughout all his artistic inquiry, Barnwell's work remained suffused with a strong visionary theme. A desire to see the world with a subtle sense of mystery and transcendence.  Far Country is filled with one hundred thirteen of Barnwell's paintings, most of which have never been published before. It is a visual feast, and represents a lifetime of artistic labor, passion, and dedication.
Estimated publication date: November, 2018.

SEEING LIGHT, The Art & Theory of Studio Lighting
Stephen Barnwell
6 x 9", paperback. 200 pages
After 36 years of commercial photography, video production, and stage management in New York City, Stephen Barnwell knows a thing or two about studio lighting. In this book, Barnwell explains the art and theory of studio lighting. But instead of a simple How-To book, of which there are many on the market, he wrote a book about WHY you use lights. There are no photographs in this book, nor any kind of picture. No lighting plots, set diagrams, or other cookbook-style lighting guides. SEEING LIGHT is a deep dive into the theory of how light works, what each lighting instrument does, and how light interacts with a variety of subjects. Ranging from the theoretical to the highly practical, this book is for those who want to take their studio lighting skills to the next level.
Estimated publication date: May, 2019.

Stephen Barnwell
8.5 X 11", hardbound. 250 pages, B/W
In 1999, Stephen Barnwell created his first moneyart project, called Antarctica Dream-Dollars. The five-year project involved not only the creation of thirty-two fantasy micronation banknotes, but also the creation of an entire world from which they came. This is the story of Nadiria, the Lost Colony of Antarctica, a utopian colony of free thinkers that fled the fires of the Civil War in America to emigrate to a hidden colony deep under the Antarctic ice shelf. Written in the form of an encylcopedia, this epic story is told in short stories, biographies, and essays, and they are lavishly illustrated with numerous illustrations. A treasury of steampunk ideas and images.
Estimated publication date: February, 2020.